Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Just drawing

Hi to everyone who has been visiting my blog. Sorry that I haven't been posting much. Like many people in the Tangle world, I have shifted my focus from blogging and Zentangle challenges to Facebook - my own page and Facebook Groups based on Zentangle.

I'm also not drawing so much lately. It's the beginning of the school year, I'm teaching new content and I've taken on a small but busy leadership role. Life is great and I am enjoying the small amount of drawing I do get to do.

Here's a watercolour I made for someone at work. This person has seen qualities in me that I didn't think were there and I am thriving under her leadership and encouragement. 

Tangle a Day calendar

Thoroughly enjoying working my way through this calendar and seeing the beautiful artworks created by others. Here are few days from my calendar.

What a Drag

Recently travelled to Sydney to attend a drag show. Got the chance to meet my drag idol, Alyssa Edwards. She is even lovelier in person than on TV. She is also a whole lot taller in real life.

Thanks for dropping by.


Sunday, 28 January 2018

Just drawing

Getting ready for the new school year. That means drawing something to stick on my desk wall for the new year.

Playing around with Cadent, fine lines and shading.

Continuing with the Tangle a Day calendar.


Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Zentangle challenges and drawing

We are in the middle of a heat wave. While the northern hemisphere is getting snow, we are getting heat.  Days and days of high 30s and low 40s. Our backyard weather station (which includes a sky cam - how cool!) has been registering temps of 41 and 42 degrees.  While our house has very good air conditioning, the heat just saps your energy. Even the birds are quiet. This has given me plenty of time for Zentangle. 

Diva #348 - Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

I kept my tiles simple, adding purple with a touch of blue using a mist spray. However, in the photos the purple has come out grey. Oh well. 

This tile uses Kuke and Florz.

This one uses D'Rua and Flux.

Made by Joey #200

The challenge was to use string #165 and the tangle Exeter. I added 'Nzeppel and Footlites, which are my go-to tangles at the moment. I'm pleased with how my 'Zneppel has been turning out lately so it appears a lot in my work.

Tangle a day calendar

This brilliant tangle calendar is produced by Carole Ohl CZT and features the work of Margaret Bremner CZT.  This is my first time using the calendar and I'm enjoying it. The paper is smooth and the results of the Facebook group page inspiring.

This is one of my pages from earlier this month.

Other drawing - going really, really big this time

During this week's heat I've been working on an A2 sized ZIA. The coloured leaf pattern is inspired by something I found on the Sakura website. I used Faber Castle water colours, random black pens (waiting on a new batch of Sakura microns) and Copic markers for the shading. 

This is my first time using the Copics for shading. I highly recommend them for shading larger works. I found the process much quicker and resulted in a cleaner finish.

Here's my master piece. I'm very pleased with it. It's going in my lounge room soon.

Arthur the Cat got involved too. He is sitting on my computer desk right now, getting in the way of the screen. Mmmm. Love that cat. He'll get bored and move away soon.

Here's an early photo of my ZIA. I do use strings sometimes.

Have a great week and thanks for your comments. They help me improve my art and make my day.


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Zentangle challenges and drawing

It's interesting to read Zentangle blogs are most bloggers that I follow are in the northern hemisphere and in the middle of winter. While the Diva is experiencing temps of close to 40 below, SE Australia is in the middle of summer and we are getting heatwaves of close to 40 above. 

I've been lucky so far to have been on holidays near a beach for most of the super hot days. Back home now and getting ready for a new school year - or I would be if I wasn't drawing.

Diva #347 - string theory - traced objects.

The objects I traced were a cup I use for water colour painting, a stapler, a fidget spinner, and an old tile I use to test pens.

The tangles I used this week are from my new Random Tangle Generator. I created my randomiser by cutting up my 2017 Tangle Patterns guide and keeping all the tangles I know or want to know. The dots on the back mean the tangle is either a grid, organic, ribbon, or complex. The hearts mean the tangle is a Zentangle Original.

Here's my Diva tile. I used: aquafleur, gotcha, star map, betweed, coral seeds, sh'rock and paradox.

Made by Joey #199

This tile uses string #237 and the tangles Didada, Arukas, Crescent Moon and 'Nzeppel.

Other Drawing

I've been doing a lot of Tangling over the past weeks. Mostly Opus tiles or bigger. 

Here's my latest Opus tile, playing with circles and triangles and colour.

I created the ZIA below for my foster daughter and her partner. Their initials are in gold in the corners. The ZIA is on A3 card stock. The colours were inspired by the beach house we were staying in.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.


Saturday, 13 January 2018

Joey's weekly challenge #198

Here's my tile for this week. Kept it simple.


Tuesday, 26 December 2017

12 Days of Zentangle

I have been participating in the 12 Days of Zentangle challenge. I tried to do each challenge on the day it was published but that proved impossible. I did get close though.

What continues to surprise me is how versatile Zentangle is in the hands of Rick and Maria and their daughters. They take a simple tangle like Printemps and find new and interesting ways to draw it.

Here are some of my tiles. 

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Zentangle challenges

Hi. It's the last week of school here. Lots going on at school, lots of very stressed teachers and kids craving the long school holidays. The heat has arrived, with temps around the mid 30s this week and next.

Today my son graduated high school. He is now looking for working, probably as a carpenter as that was his best subject this year by a long way. We now have no children at school, it's just me, teaching English to high school kids.

I'm taking a couple of days holiday on my own next week. The place I've booked is only minutes walk from a beach. During those days I will be walking on the beach, swimming in the beach, sitting on the headland looking at the beach, then reading, drawing and sleeping. 

Thanks for visiting my blog this year. Thanks for commenting. 

Diva #345 - happy holidays

The Diva asked us to be inspired by the holidays for our tile. I took that idea and added it to the 12 Days of Zentangle Day One challenge.

My Diva tile used the 12 Days concept - a border deep within the tile, a Z string, Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon, Printemps and a grid Tangle. My border space was in the shape of a Christmas tree. 

Here's Moo and the Husband choosing our tree last weekend. Having a live tree and having the house smell of pine tree is a tradition in our family. Notice the dry grass and how hot it looks. We got there early before it got too hot and before the flies came out. Flies in Australia in summer - hate them but have to live with it.

12 Days of Zentangle Day One

Trying to keep up with these challenges. I'm posting my tiles on the Zentangle Mosaic.

Other drawing

I spent hours working on this piece recently. It is A3 sized. The coloured leaves are inspired by a downloadable design on the Sakura website. There's a video that goes with it, explaining how to blend watercolour paints.

I made a photocopy of the artwork and gave it to my Deputy Principal. She's going to hang it in her office.  It made her happy.

Health and fitness

I had my last personal training session for the year yesterday. My present to my trainer, Mean Man, was to do a very difficult type of push up. He was impressed and surprised. He then proceeded to give me super hard exercises to do, and didn't expect me to be able to do them. He was speechless when I did them so well that he needed to increase the weights. The weights we use are kettle bells and free weights - lots of fun and lots of variations. Love it.

I started training with Mean Man in Feb this year. I did not expect to become as strong as I am now, or to love the gym as much as I do. I get so much satisfaction out of smashing out circuits that Mean Man has created for me. Love seeing and feeling the improvement. I have abs of steel. Yay me.

Happy and safe holidays.